How a Low HERS Rating Will Save You Money

February 9th, 2016 | Posted in Budget

The Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) is the industry standard measuring index for the energy efficiency of a home.  A good analogy is that the HERS Rating is to a home’s energy efficiency, as miles per gallon is to a car’s fuel efficiency.   

A standard new home has a HERS score of 100.  A typical score for older re-sale (used) homes is 130. That means the used home is 30% less energy efficient than a standard new home.   

But guess what? It gets even better!

ProBuilt’s better built new homes have HERS scores in the 48-59 range. This means that ProBuilt homes are 71-82% MORE energy efficient than today’s typical resale home and 41-52% more energy efficient than a typical new construction home.

To obtain a HERS rating for a home, an independent third party energy rating company tests the home. Anyone can claim their home is energy efficient but having it rated by a certified energy rater provides a quantifiable measure of how energy efficient the home actually is.

New home buyers should insist that their home is HERS rated by their builder.  ProBuilt rates every homewe build as part of our standard features.   For more information on HERS rating visit