Five Keys to Selling Your Home Quickly

May 26th, 2016 | Posted in Budget

Selling a home is overwhelming, trying to do it in a timely manner is even harder. Although some can afford it, most people don’t want to get stuck paying two mortgages at once. Plan ahead and get into your dream home faster with these tips.


All your “stuff” detracts from the house itself. Clean and simple is best. Pack up all the nick-nacks. Put non-essential things away. Consider renting a storage garage and remove what you can from the house. Rooms look bigger with less furniture. Walls look better without 30 picture frames and your limited edition plate collection on them. Closets look bigger when they are half full.

Curb Appeal

First impressions count. The outside of your home is like an advertisement previewing what to expect within. Place new mulch in your flower beds. Trim the bushes and mow the grass twice a week. Your front door will be potential buyers’ first stop so re-paint it.

Re-paint to Neutral

The deep-red dining room, daughter’s pink bedroom and Dad’s Cleveland Browns orange-colored basement rec room may uniquely define your family but probably do not have broad appeal. Repaint bold colors to more neutral tan and taupes.

Fix it Now

Today’s buyers are knowledgeable. They research and do their homework. They look closely at the home for areas that need repair. They notice lack of maintenance. Buyers almost always get home inspections that will identify the issues anyways so why wait to have them fixed? If you went to a car dealership and the car needed tires, brakes, had a ripped seat and 3 dents would you buy it? Identify areas that need repair and fix them before you list your house for sale.

Get Pro Help

Ask you realtor what you can do to help the home sell. Listen to them and make the changes they suggest. They sell homes every day and are a great resource for items that could be a negative to someone buying your home that you may not even be aware of.  Also consider hiring a professional stager. They will help you make your home much more saleable. A stager will de-clutter your home.