Positive Feedback!

September 23rd, 2020 | Posted in General, Press

We are so grateful to receive such wonderful feedback from our customers we just had to share this one.  Thank you so much Kevin and Tara B. for selecting ProBuilt Homes to build your dream home and the awesome feedback!

First, thanks for making our home building experience FUN.  We had always heard horror stories from other people on how mind numbing of an experience building a home was and how many trips you have to take from this store, to that store to pick everything out. Having Katie in your in house design studio makes the process easy and really enjoyable. My wife, Tara, and I had a great time dreaming and picking each detail out for our home with Katie.

Second, we feel very lucky to have worked with Bryan on our home build. We were always amazed at Bryan’s professionalism and knowledge of building/construction standards and techniques and his overall attitude towards the home building process. Bryan was always quick to provide an answer or an update to any questions/concerns we had and helped guide us along the way to make sure we got exactly what we wanted in our dream home. It was a joy to perform our 11 month walk through with him yesterday and have him answer more of our questions to make sure we keep our home in great condition. I work in the nuclear industry so I understand what it takes to track projects from start to finish and work in oversight with different vendors and Bryan does a great job understanding the total picture of a home build and has a great working relationship with the skilled trades. In my opinion he is a great asset to your team and the future success that you all will have.

In closing, we have been so blessed to have built our dream home with ProBuilt and have enjoyed living in our new home over the past 11months. Through the home construction process up to 1 year of ownership we can’t say enough good things to other looking to build about your business nor the people that are employed through ProBuilt.

Thank You! Kevin & Tera B.